Teemo the Hutt

A greedy Tatooine crime lord that seeks power and riches.


Teemo is a Hutt, still young in regard to other crime lords.


Teemo was the ruler of Mos Shuuta, a small city on the desert world of Tatooine. He is a Hutt crime lord of considerable influence, thanks to his relation to the illustrious Jabba Desilijic Tiure. He is, however, still on the rise, seeking a way to even more power and riches.

It is rumoured that he has come into bad position because he owes a lot of money to other crime lords from Nal Hutta. Apparently some of his more prosperous business were shut down by Imperial activities and competition. Since then he is seeking a way to keep his head and get back to business.

It is known that Teemo has his fingers in local mining operation of radioactive iridium ore, slavery, spice trade, extortion and other illegal activities.

Teemo the Hutt

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