Teemo's accountant that knows "everything" about Hutt's illegal business and is good enough to know how to make a decent side profit out of it.


Twi’lek that thinks high of himself, always dressed well and looking for a chance to make a buck.


He is Teemo the Hutt’s accountant. It is more likely that Teemo himself does not know all the details of his business as Arwek does.

There are, however, rumours that Teemo and Arwek are not on each other’s good sides. Notwithstanding, Teemo, apparently cannot afford to have Arwek disappear in one of his work camps. It seems that Arwek somehow holds Teemo at safe distance while at the same time manages to make a profit from trading information known to him. It is unknown how far will Teemo go in tolerating Arwek’s indiscretions.


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