A local crime boss and one of the bosses of the Oruga 3 smuggler base.


Dark haired Corellian, late 40’s. Unknown origin, well connected.


Caesar is one of the managers of the secret smuggler base Oruga 3. He trades in forbidden spice, weapons and other goods, as well as information. He is also suspected of being involved in several assassinations of officials in local systems. Some speak of him as being the man who will work for the one who pays the most, regardless of political affiliation.

He is also the man for whom the players have been working during the last several years. Jobs included guard duties, bouncer jobs and deliveries of illicit cargo. Caesar has lots of associates and is also known as a boyscout for new talents in the underworld market.

Caesar has given the players a job to find a certain cargo crate that has been, apparently, stolen from a client. The cargo was traced to Mos Shuuta, Tatooine, and it is up to the players to discover its whereabouts and retrieve the cargo for Caesar. The contents of the cargo is unknown. This is the break that the players have been looking for to move ahead in the market.


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