A human that seems to know a lot about Mos Shuuta and its vicinity, has good connections and is well informed.


Pepper is a dark haired human, seems to be a local to Mos Shuuta, Tatooine.


Characters met her in Temoo the Hutt’s work camp. She was a person behind planned escape from the camp, an informal leader, of the captives of the crime lord. As soon as characters were brought to the work camp, Pepper saw an opportunity and used the players and their mercenary experience to stage the planned escape. With the players help, Pepper and most of the detainees, under cover of the desert storm, quickly swarmed and overwhelmed the camp guards. Afterwards, they used the local transport to reach Mos Shuuta. There she, in return, decided to help players with locating the cargo they seek. She put them in touch with Temmo’s accountant Arwek who sold them the information on the cargo crate’s location.


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