Star Wars: Dogs of War

Star Wars: Dogs of War

The story so far...

A long time ago in a galaxy far,
far away…

Players were employed by a shady character Caesar operating from a secret smuggler station in the Outer Rim to locate and retrieve a cargo crate from Tatooine. The content of the crate is unknown to the group and they were told not to look inside. What is obvious is that it is only one specific crate, not very big, and its contents are very important to Caesar.


After players reached Mos Shuuta, Tatooine, they handled themselves not so good there. This made them end up in the local crime lord’s, Teemo the Hutt, work camp as slaves. After they managed to stage a slave coup with help of a local named Pepper they escaped the camp and returned to Mos Shuuta.


There they now more discretely, managed to locate the cargo they were looking for. They located the crate with Pepper’s help who seemed to know how to get all the right information. The information was bought from Teemo’s accountant, Arwek.

The information provided that the crate is set for shipment off world in the next morning. It is not for the group to decide how to retrieve the crate since the crate is located in the well-guarded shipping dock.



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