This is the main page for the Star Wars RPG Campaign named “Dogs of War”.

Story follows several unlikely heroes that make things happen for the right amount of credits. They are scoundrels, bounty hunters and criminals that seek riches and renown in the Outer Rim. Will this mix of suspicious characters be able to set aside their own differences and cooperate in attaining that common goal is up to the players. The path is dark and long, and yet there might still be some hope at the end…

The game is run under FFG Edge of Empire, Age of Rebellion and Force and Destiny rules. Games are run regularly twice a month over Fantasy Ground, mostly on Saturday’s afternoon CET. The Event is hosted at the SXG site where you can see when the next game will be held and apply for joining the game.

The SXG site is located at http://extraordinarygamers.com/

Star Wars: Dogs of War